Simplify and secure the purification of raw or synthetic materials for the biomedical and pharmacy fields.


Afaq 9001   

Applications Biomedical

Biomedical sector has considerable needs for synthetic or natural material cleaning and purification. Purification by supercritical CO2 allows to achieve the quality levels required for medical and surgical applications. Thanks to its high diffusivity, supercritical CO2 is particularly recommended for microscopic parts or parts that are difficult to clean. HITEX quality system is based on the FDA standards in the Pharmacy sector, in conformity with the standards of the biomedical sector.
The quality système is certified ISO 13485, for medical devices.

In the pharmacy sector, the most widespread applications of Supercritical CO2 relate to particle generation and formulation. The processes RESS and SAS are used to reduce the size of the active components and increase their bioavailability, stabilise them and control their characteristics.



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