The technology of supercritical CO2 is the natural alternative of organic solvent.


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Supercritical CO2

The technology of supercritical CO2 is based on the solvent power of CO2 which can be controlled by variation of pressure and temperature.
In the supercritical state, above 74 bar and 31°C, CO2 has very specific properties. The supercritical fluid has gas diffusivity and high density which gives it considerable transport and extraction capacities.


The extractible molecules
The extractible molecules by supercritical CO2 are polar compounds with low molecular mass :
Lipid compounds : fatty acids, glycerolipids, di/triglycerids, unsaponifiables
Essential oils : terpenes, aldehydes
Chemical molecules : hydrocarbons, monomers, small polymers.

Addition of co-solvent allows to modify CO2 polarity and to extract more polar molecules.

The purification: Matrixes which  are not soluble in supercritical CO2 like proteins, sugars but also polymers and texiles can be purified by supercritical CO2.

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