Supercritical CO2 technology offers endless possibilities to your request.


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Supercritical CO2 Our processes

Extraction of solid matrixes is the main application of supercritical CO2. The great classics are extraction of caffeine from coffee and extraction of bitter molecules from hops, and also the extraction of essential oils for fine perfumery.

Purification covers several applications including desolvation, decolouration, deodorisation and elimination of undesirable compounds like specific monomers.

Fractionation of liquid products is carried out continuously in columns.
Impregnation and particle generation : RESS SAS, PGSS are processes for which Hitex has many applications.
Chemical reactions in supercritical CO2 : This is a very promising field for Green Chemistry ! Supercritical CO2 allows to optimise reactions in homogenous phase or specific polymerisations.




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